Saturday, December 06, 2008


Welcome to yet another one of my periodic posts about television news and the big question today is, if I am so interested in television news then why the heck am I still in print journalism instead of working in television news where I belong!?

Answer is because it seems the only jobs in television news these days are at places like Al-Jazeera. Really, who wants to work there?!

Bottom line is that television news is in the middle of yet another one of its big bloodbaths to coincide with the recession. Life is bad in TV land.

CNN has been making some changes and getting rid of Miles O'Brien, gutting the science unit. They think their environmental unit will do the job. Well, okay, but I'll probably watch someone else the next time the Space Shuttle goes up for some important mission. Too bad, he was a good reporter.

Over at NBC it's been a massacre. Folks getting the boot include Don Teague, Mark Mullen, John Larson, Jeannie Ohm, Bob Faw and Kevin Corke.

Those aren't the only people getting booted. Apparently the entertainment division took some big hits and some senior executives took the fall for NBC's disasterous prime-time lineup. In fact, they just cancelled Knight Rider the other day, too. So the human-resources people have been busy this week shoving people out the door everywhere at NBC.

NOT getting the boot is David Gregory who is expected to be named the new host of Meet the Press in an announcement on tomorrow's show.

Other stuff: a look at some of the young up and coming people in TV news . People on the list include folks like Chuck Todd and Megyn Kelly.

Now on to the happenings of the business anchors at these cable networks. Here's a report on Brian Sullivan who now works for Fox Business. He was back in his hometown recently to see how it was holding up in the current recession.

Here's an article on Maria Bartiromo that ran in in the UAE, of all places.

A profile on Liz Claman.

Also, here's one on former Apprentice contestant turned CNBC newsbabe Rebecca Jarvis.

And finally, Cody Willard was on Leno this week. That is all for now.

UPDATE: Here's a profile from Asiance Magazine of CNBC's Melissa Lee. Good news for guys: she's single and has no boyfriend!!!

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