Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, the depression keeps right on going. Last week the big auto rescue failed to clear Congress. This week, we're getting more Grinch-ly happenings in the world of media layoffs.

CNN continues its big bloodbath. This time they are going after the poor folks over at Headline News. Among the people getting the knife are Linda Stouffer and Rusty Dornin. Good grief, man, what the heck is going on over there? Just because they've been on the air a long time doesn't mean they should leave. Isn't continuity a good thing to have -- kind of helps with the ratings?? I guess they don't care about ratings there.

Some news people on TV in Buffalo are out the door, including Mike Igoe, Lisa Scott and Ellen Maxwell. And just across the border in Hamilton, Ontario, the bloodbath continues at CHCH which just got rid of yet another anchor, Dan McLean.

And in the world of newspapers here in Canada, Sun Media proved that they are also a completely heartless and classless bunch by having a big 600-person bloodbath just in time for Christmas. Read about the ashcannings over at the Toronto Sun Family blog, which covers the happenings there.

How big a bloodbath is it at the Sun chain? Well, they canned Linda Leatherdale. That says it all right there.

Has the Grinch stolen your Christmas yet? That guy needs to be arrested and sent to rot alongside O.J. Simpson. Ho ho ho.

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