Saturday, December 13, 2008


Been reading Quint's A Movie A Day columns the last couple of days over at Ain't it Cool News. Right now, he's in the middle of a Peter Sellers marathon in his ongoing quest to fill in his gaps of cinematic knowledge. Today he reviewed Being There, Sellers' masterpiece from 1979, and the day before he reviewed What's New Pussycat, where Sellers starred alongside Peter O'Toole.

Of course I was acquainted with Sellers' work early on due to the Pink Panther movies, among the first movies I remember seeing at a movie theater as a young kid. And I was actually disappointed because I had gone in expecting or hoping for a Pink Panther cartoon, and instead I got Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Anyway, Quint is focusing on Sellers' often-overlooked non-Clouseau work. I really like What's New Pussycat. It features Sellers wearing a goofy wig, has a great screenplay from Woody Allen (which got carved up from on high, apparently) and stars some of my favorite swinging chicks of the Sixties including hottie Paula Prentiss and the absolutely smoking-hot Ursula Andress. As Quint said in his review: "director Clive Donner was smart enough to force Ursula Andress to spend the entire final reel running around in her underwear. Bonus points."

In honor of that movie here's a YouTube clip featuring the swinging theme song from Tom Jones. Enjoy.

Poor Quint is apparently planning to endure Sellers' appearance as James Bond (one of them, anyway) in the Sixties version of Casino Royale. What a mess that movie was.

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