Saturday, December 06, 2008


I tuned into the coverage of the O.J. Simpson sentencing and it took me back to the times earlier this year when I was in court reporting on major happenings.

In fact, I'm in court more often now as a working journalist than I was when I actually worked in the legal profession, stuck in a freaking office doing boring paperwork all the time. No wonder I quit that business.

Honestly, though, I wish I had had a crack at covering this latest trial in Las Vegas. It would have been sweet watching O.J. get the book thrown at him. Plus, I could have gone to the casinos during my off hours.

The judge handed down a ton of sentences and I couldn't tell how much these sentences amounted to, to be honest with you. So many of these sentences were running concurrent to each other. All I know for sure is he will be serving at least a 15-year sentence and is eligible to get out after nine.

I'm sure there will be people hoping O.J. will be dead by then. He's 61 years old and will be a senior citizen by the time he gets out, assuming he ever gets out. That prison food alone could be enough to send him to the grave.

Anyway, that closes a sorry chapter for the Juice, whose life has gone straight downhill ever since the Nicole Brown Simpson-Ron Goldman murders happened. I've been a big follower of the whole O.J. courtroom saga, which of course ended up with wall-to-wall coverage on television during the Nineties. It spawned Court TV, gave Greta Van Susteren a TV career, and spawned countless books about the Simpson case by all these legal pundits and bigshot lawyers.

The case in Vegas wasn't quite the media circus the first case was, though. I think people were just fed up with O.J. by now and fed up with all his trials.

It's too bad the folks in Los Angeles didn't see fit to throw the book at O.J. when they had the chance. By turning the Juice loose, Simpson ended up doing yet more damage to society and wound up back in court, facing the music again. The only people who wound up ahead in the whole deal were the defence lawyers, who made their share of money off Simpson.

Those jurors in L.A. should have convicted Simpson and thrown the keys away the first time, but that's Hollywood justice for you. Vegas, though, is a little different.

It's very sweet to see justice finally catch up to O.J. Simpson. He could run but he couldn't hide.

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