Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today, I join everyone else in dumping on so-called film critic Ben Lyons, who is being roasted yet again by entertainment writers because of his lack of taste in movies -- as evidenced by his insipid performance on his TV show At The Movies every week.

This is the same guy who declared last year's I Am Legend to be one of the best movies ever made. Heck, even I'm not so stupid to make such a dumb declaration.

There's a lot of resentment over Lyons, partly because he is seen as absolutely a big populist when it comes to the types of movies he recommends or disses. He's also seen as a big suck-up to Hollywood. I'm sure the elite film people who like the independent-type movies all the time are no fans of Lyons at all. But I think it goes deeper than that -- a lot of people think the guy just isn't a film geek and not worthy of having a job reviewing movies.

There's deep-seeded hatred of the guy because he took over one of the main hosting duties on the Ebert and Roeper show that was held in such high regard by film critics and film people. And the show sucks with him on it now, and the ratings are falling. Yet he has a film critic job while other, more intelligent critics are being forced to jump off of cliffs. You know, this has been the worst year ever for film critics -- so many of them were booted from their jobs this year. Guys like David Ansen were taking buyouts at print publications, on-air critics like Joyce Kulhawik were being fired by TV stations, and even Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper lost their own show this year. And who did they lose their show to? That's right -- Ben Lyons. It's just not fair.

So the son of Jeffrey Lyons is getting his fair share of flack from folks like Erik Childress over at eFilmCritic, which looks at the biggest quote whores of 2008. And this piece by Chris Lee in the LA Times also trashes Ben. The guy just cannot get a break.

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