Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Well, the madness continues in Ottawa where Question Period was once again a big gong show today, with the opposition members all yelling at Stephen Harper in the Commons. And Harper stood up every chance he got to slam the deal with the separatists and demand that such a coalitionl be put to an election.

I have to say, I've seen this all go down before when Paul Martin was going down for the count. That was an ugly scene when that all happened, with the House of Commons looking like a complete Kangaroo court with people yelling at each other. It got ugly, and the low point was when we saw Belinda cross the floor. Because that meant that the ugliness in the House would continue for months on end before Martin finally, mercifully, was booted out.

It's as bad a scene now as it was then, and we still have no idea how it all will end up.

Outrage continues over at the Blogging Tories, and people are ridiculing the proposed Stephane Dion-led coalition as "the Three Stooges" and the coalition deal as "Coupscam". Others are calling it the "Three-Headed Monster" or the "Unholy Alliance" I'd like to borrow a line former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish once used. "Coalition of the Idiots."

In other news, the Governor-General is flying home to deal with the crisis.

Who knows what will happen on Monday with the confidence vote. Harper could end up asking for dissolution and an election. He could ask to prorogue Parliament. I doubt he will ask to hand the government over, but it may well be that Governor-General Michaelle Jean might ask the opposition to take power.

Over at Bourque Newswatch, rumors of potential cracks in the coalition. Bourque is claiming that Liberal Michael Ignatieff may be getting cold feet about the coalition deal, as his constituents and supporters are apparently screaming mad. As well, he is claiming that as many as 15 assorted Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc members may reject the coalition and sit as independents.

Other news: the hated separatist Jacques Parizeau supports the coalition. That ought to be the kiss of death right there.

Coming out swinging against the coalition is Alberta premier Ed Stelmach, Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall and BC premier Gordon Campbell. And apparently protests are planned across the country, both for and against this deal.

Anyway, that's the political situation. Now on to other News from Nowhere.

My weekend box office report of the win by Four Christmases.
The Georgia Senate race runoff goes to the Republicans, preventing the Democrats from gaining a filibuster-proof Senate.
The new host of Meet the Press looks to possibly be David Gregory.
Canadian cable-TV mogul Ted Rogers has died.

And that is all for now.

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