Monday, December 08, 2008


Well, I am watching the TV coverage right now of the Quebec election night, with Jean Charest's Quebec Liberals having won and the PQ forming the official opposition, yet all anyone cares about, really, is the continued nonsense in Ottawa. And in particular, the chaos surrounding the Liberals.

Today, outgoing Liberal leader Stephane Dion, fresh off the debacle of last week's "Three Stooges" deal with the socialists and separatists and the infamous botched-YouTube-shakycam amateur video of his from last Thursday night, announced he was speeding up his departure and will leave as soon as the Liberal Party can get rid of him. Now it seems we are getting all kinds of machinations going on behind the scenes to try and install Michael Ignatieff as leader without even a convention or a vote by the grassroots! Rumor is Ignatieff might get installed Wednesday by a vote of the MPs as interim leader, setting up a coronation whenever the actual leadership vote among the members takes place. As well, Dominic LeBlanc has thrown in the towel on his own leadership bid today and declared there is a consensus in the party for Ignatieff, so he's backing him to be leader.

Bob Rae, damaged by this whole coalition deal mess, is nevertheless saying not so fast, let the grassroots decide. Just last week Rae was saying the opposition should seize power without an election or a mandate; now he's trying to be the champion of democracy!!! Make up your mind, man.

Anyway, I think Rae has a point -- it would have been nice, though, if he had been more consistent about it. And that point is simply this: why the heck should the Liberal leadership be decided by backroom deals behind closed doors, without the membership deciding?? If I were a grassroots Liberal I'd be mad as heck right now about having the leadership decided this way with the membership not being consulted. And if I was a grassroots politico of any stripe, I'd be wondering why I'd still be involved in politics given the nonsense that happened last week. A lot of what went on last week was EXTREMELY undemocratic, with Prime Minister Harper having to prorogue Parliament to duck a vote designed to overthrow his government without an election.

And this whole mess wouldn't have even happened if the PM had listened to all his political advisers and staffers who thought that cutting off the oppositions' election funding was politically a stupid, fraking idea.

What a gong show!!! It's clear to me that too much of our political process has been hijacked by backroom deals with constituents and people on the ground being ignored and disregarded.

That ain't the way politics ought to be run. Politics ought to be about the people. When the heck are the people's voices going to count for something?

That's my rant for tonight. Good day!!!!

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Mowich said...

Simply couldn't agree with you more. Canadians are fed up with the performance of our so-called parliamentarians, all of them.

It is in times like these that I so wish Canadians had a way of voicing our opinions so that politicians clearly understood our feelings. As things stand now, our opinions must be filtered through the media which has bias all of its own.

I would like to be 'in your face' with politicians in order that they would understand our frustration and anger over their behaviour.