Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, the big shocking news from CTV is that they have cancelled Canadian Idol in 2009. It may be back the next year.

For now though, it's good riddance Ben Mulroney. Maybe that law degree of his will come in handy, yet.

A lot of people are in shock that CTV has shelved the show at supposedly the "height of its popularity". Fact is it wasn't at the height of its popularity -- in fact, last year the ratings had fallen. Clearly, this is a show on its way down instead of up, and there's no shortage of shows CTV can turn to for better ratings. (If Canadian Idol were airing on CBC, I think it would have been a different story -- there's no way the CBC would have shelved the show for a year, because there just aren't enough hit shows over there to begin with.)

I also suppose it costs a ton of money to go across the country looking for talent. Denis McGrath has a pretty accurate take on the whole situation, though, at his blog Dead Things on Sticks, where he notes that people in the urban centres lost interest in the show ages ago. That's exactly why the show was fading.

Still, I do think the tanking economy had something to do with the exit of the show from the schedule -- it gave CTV their justification to throw this show into the trashcan and saved them from paying a lot of high salaries.

I'm actually amused by the reaction. Some of the die-hard fans are ready for suicide. But there's also a lot of people out there who trashed the show and thought it blew, and they are glad to see reality/talent/gameshow/cheapjunk television get a well-deserved shoe thrown at it, finally.

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