Monday, December 01, 2008


It's official, the Opposition has launched its Coup attempt on the weeks-old re-elected Stephen Harper government.

Canada's next prime minister: defeated/outgoing Liberal leader Stephane Dion. And apparently he still plans to step down, even though he's about to become Prime Minister. The leadership race is apparently still going on!!

The story on the coalition deal here. The reaction from some of the outraged Blogging Tories here, here and here. And Macleans' bloggers weigh in here.

If you want to see for yourself what an embarrassing spectacle Parliament has become, check out the live coverage on CPAC.

Me, I'm embarrassed to be a Canadian. We now are seeing a government installed by powerbrokers behind the scenes including socialists and Separatists -- just weeks after these jokers LOST SEATS in the ELECTION. The people of Canada didn't vote for these people to take power. Instead, they want these fools to stay in opposition and perform checks and balances on Harper -- not to run the whole government!! That was the message from the election results, but the opposition is ignoring it and using the economic crisis as an opportunity to seize power for themselves.

The election results are in the toilet. Canada looks like a freaking banana republic!

I'm beyond outraged at this turn of events in Ottawa, to say the least. Democracy, my foot.

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Stephen Pate said...

Well if the power greedy Tories hadn;t tried to cripple the other parties they might have held onto power. Remember Joe Clark he forgot that a minority is a tenuous hold on power.

Minorities are a healthy sign of democracy and non-confidence one of the checks and balances. If you don't have the confidence of the majority you have to compromise to get it. Harper got carried away.