Monday, December 29, 2008


Today is known as Black Monday in the National Football League because, well, the season has just ended and the losing teams are all busy firing their coaches.

Here's the fallout in New York, where Eric Mangini has been fired as coach of the New York Jets. Maybe they should also fire the GM for bringing in Brett Favre and shipping Chad Pennington to Miami, who beat the Jets to win the division title. So much for that Brett Favre off-season soap opera of last year. He ought to retire for real now.

Also, Romeo Crennel was also fired today, by Cleveland. As for Detroit, they fired Rod Marinelli today (right) after their 0-16 complete disaster of a season.

For more about the disgraceful Lions, a squad that would have trouble winning games in the CFL let alone the NFL, here's an article from the Detroit News here. And this is what Mitch Albom had to say in the Detroit Free Press.

So, Lions fans --- how about those Red Wings?! (At least the hockey team is good in Detroit.)

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