Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, great. In addition to the auto industry taking a bath, so is the professional sports industry. Seems that Arena Football cancelled their 2009 season and are trying to restructure the league so that it can survive in this brutal economy. well, that's no good. What the heck are we supposed to watch when the NFL season is over? Football fans are going to be in for an EXTREMELY brutal off-season this year. And this is another blow for non-NFL players looking for jobs. First the NFL Europe league went under, and now this.

At least there's NASCAR to watch in the off-season, but with the automobile industry in such rough shape it's going to be an achievement just to have any cars on the track!!

Actually, this shutdown of Arena Football is kind of good news -- it'll mean more players for the 'Riders! (Just joking.)

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joker said...

I honestly don't miss the AFL that much. I used to watch the games on national television every weekend and will continue to do so when the league comes back.