Saturday, November 01, 2008


Everyone is completely fed up with the new At the Movies show with those two new hosts with the first name Ben. It's fair to say that show is a complete debacle that is losing audiences, and it's also getting pushed back farther and farther into the night on weekend syndicated TV. I notice the station in Detroit that carries the show on my cable system now airs the thing at 1 AM (Detroit time) instead of midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. On CTV here in Canada, the situation is even worse: the show has been pushed to Monday mornings at 2 am, after Access Hollywood!

Needless to say people are waiting for Richard Roeper to come back and get his new show off the ground, or whatever it is he is planning to do with whatever co-host he plans to have. The good news is he may announce something, soon. Here's what he had to say in a recent column in the Chicago Sun-Times. And that is all for now.

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