Saturday, November 22, 2008


So the fatheads in charge of the Screen Actors Guild are seeking strike authorization. Talk about folks who truly have their heads in the sand! At a point in time when the entire economy is going down the tubes, these idiots want to take the entire motion picture and TV industry down for the count, too. This is not the time to go on the picket line, not after the mess the Writers Strike made of the whole industry. This is also no time for the captains of the TV and movie industry to look to break these unions with lowball bargaining tactics and the usual negotiating style we've come to expect from these people.

Now is the time for both sides to do a deal so they can keep the entertainment industry afloat and help the North American economy get back on its feet! It makes no sense for an industry that is getting creamed by lower television advertising revenues and lower DVD sales to shut down production for ANY length of time. That's a good way to get rid of what is left of your audience at movie theaters and on television.

That's it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Exactly!! I work in the movie industry. Everyone I've talked to is terrified of another strike so soon after the last one. We are trying to make our voices heard. Please help by signing this petition...