Friday, November 14, 2008


I dunno what it is about the month of November that is causing network executive fools to swing the axe, but now the word is that ABC is about to boot Pushing Daisies, a show with a cult following among the geek community (who are also big fans of NBC's Heroes).

A move like this could be enough for the geeks to completely swear off TV. Incidentally, Heroes is in trouble in the ratings now and might go the way of Pushing Daisies if nothing turns around soon.

There are also rumors flying that Prison Break could be the next show cancelled by FOX. The notorious trigger-finger network may order up two final episodes for the season to wrap up the storyline, then boot the series off the air. You get the feeling that network television is a mess right now, with all these established shows sinking or getting cancelled?


Speaking of messes: there's big fallout happening right now over the collapse of the prime time lineup at NBC, and getting the blame is not programmer Ben Silverman, but Universal Media Studio President Katherine Pope. She oversaw those two new ratings-losing TV shows Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy --- both of which got cancelled this week. She also oversaw Bionic Woman, another "bright idea" which got the can last year. She is now getting carved up in the press for those flops and could walk the plank soon.

You know, it wasn't too long ago that people were saying Pope was headed for big things at NBC while the knives were sharpening for Silverman. Folks like Nikki Finke were reporting all the backstage shenanigans over at that sinking ship NBC, saying how Silverman was going to get fired soon. Yet here it is, November, and Silverman still has a job.

I'll say this for Silverman: at least he kept Law and Order on the air. If he had cancelled that show, I would have definitely been screaming for his scalp.


In more pleasant news, it seems the networks are trying to revive the 60s-style network variety show. I think this is a great move. These shows have been gone from network TV for too long and it would be terrific if there could be some good variety on TV again. Would be a nice change from these reality shows starring these wannabe-actors and other freaks.

I wonder if what the networks have planned will cut it, though: Rosie O'Donnell is getting a variety show, and so is John Mayer, apparently.

I don't know if the variety show genre will come back if this is what they have in mind, but at least these folks in charge are TRYING, for a change.

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