Thursday, November 13, 2008


I keep on reading these articles about these sorry no-lives-type people who are suffering "political withdrawal" because the big American election is over. So these folks have nothing to do on Tuesday nights, now.

I guess following the big Minnesota Senate race recount or the not-yet completed Alaska Senate Race count isn't enough for these folks. Hey, why not follow Canadian politics, there's plenty of junk happening up here! Just today, Michael Ignatieff announced he would be taking on Bob Rae in the Liberal leadership race, with the convention to be held next year in Vancouver. There's a hotly contested provincial election going on in Quebec. And the Conservatives are holding their long-awaited policy convention in Winnipeg.

Heck, it took the party long enough to hold this thing! They were talking about holding a policy convention in Winnipeg way back in 2006 when I was still active in politics. In fact, I remember telling people that I thought Winnipeg was a bad place for a convention and that the party ought to hold it in a place like Toronto -- so they could steal some seats there and get some good publicity.

Then again, maybe holding the event in Winnipeg is a good idea -- it's far enough from Toronto for people to ignore it, so you don't have social activists picketing or making noise about it.

I wouldn't have gone, anyway. This thing is costing delegates an arm and a leg to attend, something over $850 dollars! I know they charge a much cheaper rate to people who, say, donated hundreds of dollars to the party, so they can get in for less because of Election Canada's political contribution limits. Still...

I am sorry, but this is ridiculous. What grassroots Tory is going to be able to attend a convention charging that amount of money as a registration fee?! On top of that, there are hotel bills and, for the unfortunate people who live far from Winnipeg, air fare. What a ripoff. Now, of course, the party brass is spinning about how reasonable these prices are. I saw some party official on CPAC television, claiming these fees aren't keeping people away from the convention. What baloney this is, folks; these fees ARE keeping folks away from the convention. If I was still in politics, it would have kept me away, that's for sure! Even if registration cost $60 bucks, the transportation and hotel bills would have kept me home.

The only people able to go to this thing are rich people and political staffer types who contributed boatloads of money to the party! The party is using this convention as a big fundraising event for themselves. Grassroots politics, they say? My foot!

Anyway, no one in Canada seems to care much about this convention; probably because they know nothing will happen and there will be no "knife-the-leader" stories to report.

I couldn't find much about Stephen Harper's big speech on CBC or CTV tonight; instead I watched the gavel-to-gavel coverage over on CPAC --sort of. You see, over on Global TV they were showing Steve Carell go to Winnipeg in tonight's more-idiotic-than-usual episode of The Office. So I watched that instead and missed most of Harper's rah-rah speech.

Someone should tell these silly Dunder-Mifflin idiots that people in Winnipeg actually speak English.

Anyway, if you are looking for blog coverage of the convention, try the Blogging Tories. They're the only people in Canada who seem to care about it.

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