Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well, I am at the point of the year where all my favorite sports are wrapping up or pretty much finished. Formula One wrapped up last week with Lewis Hamilton hanging on in the final race in Brazil to win the title, and the Sprint Cup title is pretty much done as well as Jimmie Johnson is on the verge of clinching, with the season ending next week. Just today, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were eliminated in the CFL playoffs. Thumped at home by the BC Lions

And of course the big election is OVER. I know there are people out there talking about people going into "political withdrawal" after the election but it's even worse when baseball is over, auto racing is over and your team is out in football.

The one thing keeping me sane is the fact that the NFL is still going strong, as is NCAA football. Yet even the NCAA regular season is going to be done soon. Needless to say, life for me is bad, bad, bad.

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