Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've been reading more and more news stories about the potential stupidity known as the SAG strike, which might happen in January. I think this is just plain suicidal for the entire entertainment industry. I know there are people who have a beef with SAG about this whole thing, but SAG may also have some legitimate gripes with the skinflints who are running the whole movie and TV industry and want to lower peoples' wages. Anyway, I don't care what the issues are, all I care about is that these idiots at the top on both sides need to realize that this economy STINKS.

Here's a suggestion for everyone: why not just extend the current deal a couple of years and wait for things to get better? At least then people won't be thrown out of work, and maybe President Obama won't have to provide a bailout for any studios or TV networks like he's been doing for other industries.

Anyway, here's an article in the Hollywood Reporter on the potential decimation facing the TV industry. Actually, it won't be so bad, because so many shows are already in the can and late-night won't be affected, but enough shows will be affected for advertising to go in the sink and for a lot of jobs to permanently go up in smoke. Also, here's an article by David L. Wolper in the Huffington Post, trashing SAG's negotiation tactics.

I have a box office column to write (two days early because of American Thanksgiving), so that's all for now.

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