Sunday, November 09, 2008


Check out what I had to say in this post here about Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa winning at the box office this weekend.

And you're very lucky to be reading any blog posts from me today because I was scheduled to be out of town right now, but never left the house because of bad weather. There you go. By the way, stay tuned for lots of spy movie stuff here at the blog this week, in honor of the new James Bond movie that finally opens in North America this week.

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pardes said...

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa it is hot and coolest ever I have just saw the movie. After been waited so long to see it those penguins really can fly. Adventures movie with lot of enthusiasm inside. Melman, King Julien, Maurice, Moto Moto and Zuba are the correctors I loved most. Unbelievable animation work they look real saw the movie at with lot of interest surely it be a biggest ever animation