Wednesday, November 05, 2008


You know, I found it amusing last night after Barack Obama's victory that people in Washington D.C. were celebrating in the streets as if their team had won the World Series or something. They were all congregating outside the White House, celebrating and making a lot of noise over Obama's win. This was happening elsewhere around the USA as well.

You know, this never happens in Canada. You don't see people celebrating in the streets after an election; instead they go to their local victory party to get drunk. Maybe they might celebrate after a Quebec referendum, but not during a federal election, that's for sure. I guess that says a lot about our country and the quality of leaders we elect.

These celebrants really do need to calm down, though. Just wait until Obama hikes taxes or some scandal erupts or something like that-- then the enthusiasm will cool off pretty quickly.


I notice funnyman Al Franken is seeking a recount in his razor-close Senate race with Norm Coleman.

I've really enjoyed following politics this fall both here in frozen Canada and in the USA. I think that is all the election news for this site for now. Wait a minute - Jean Charest just called an election in Quebec.

Great -- more politics!

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