Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well no, not really, but there was still a big bloodbath today over there at CTV with 105 people being let go. From what I gather, the biggest massacre was over in that building that CTV took over from ChumCity on Queen Street, where the music channels and Star!TV took a big hit. As well, on air people up at the Agincourt studios (CFTO) were among those tossed; Tim Weber, Jacintha Wesselingh and Kate Wheeler, apparently.

This comes on the heels of the big bloodbath over at Global. I gotta say, a guy like Ebenezer Scrooge would fit right in with the media industry.

UPDATE (Nov.28): Speaking of the recent Canwest Global bloodletting, I noticed that today was the last day for Connie Smith over at CHCH Hamilton.

ANOTHER UPDATE: For more on the CTV bloodbath, which gutted the entire production staffs at Star!TV and MuchMoreMusic, here's what Bill Brioux had to say.

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Anonymous said...

e-talk is nothing but promotion for every ctv show

startv is nothing but rality shows
muchmusic / mtv is also reality shows

so why aren't the stars of reality shows getting cut ?

will the economy pick up so muchmusic will still spend tons of money on the mmva's ... its the only time where they have live music