Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, the big US presidential election is over, and the markets are still in a depressing state. Time to lighten up the blog again and focus on less serious matters.

Any of you still watch that silly The Girls Next Door TV show?

Me neither. I can't bring myself to tune into that depressing show anymore -- not when you know that Bridget Marquardt has broken up with Hef, too, and is leaving the Mansion.

Meanwhile, it's official: Holly Madison is busy running around with Criss Angel. Apparently Kendra Wilkinson is running around with some football player, too. To top it all off, Hef is now dating a couple of ex-cons.

Now the backstabbing is going public and you are seeing Holly speak out and saying how high-maintenance Hef is. Well, no wonder this relationship finally went down the drain!

Man, what a gong show this ending of a relationship has turned out to be; it's made that whole Girls Next Door show completely unwatchable. And to see that old swinger Hef reduced to dating two loser ex-con twins instead of these three well-adjusted chicks Holly, Bridget and Kendra is pathetic, to say the least.

UPDATE: Now I hear Kendra is engaged to be married (and NOT to Hef)!!

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