Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, Carl Edwards won the race today in Miami-Homestead, but it's Jimmie Johnson who gets the points to clinch a third consecutive Sprint Cup.

And now auto racing season is over. Fortunately, we fans only have to wait until February for the cars to get up and running again.

That is, of course, assuming that there are cars available, since the Big Three are all on the verge of going belly-up. Of course, you also have sponsors bailing out because they have no money to spend. Never mind that NASCAR has legions of fans who watch races on TV every week; sponsors seem to feel that advertising their products is pointless these days, since nobody is buying nothing.

In other auto racing news, it seems all attempts to save the Canadian Grand Prix are officially down the drain as Bernie Ecclestone won't budge on his outrageous demands. So forget that race, then. All in all it looks as if we are in for sad times in auto racing in this part of the world next year.

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