Saturday, November 29, 2008


We may all live to see the day when Gilles Duceppe becomes Prime Minister of Canada. And you think I'm joking?

(Yes, I did say Gilles Duceppe, not Stephane Dion.)

Read about the latest on the opposition's plans to defeat the government's economic statement and install themselves as the government here.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The terrorist situation is still on in India and I am watching the live coverage right now as the operation is on for the last gunman, apparently, who is holed up in one of the hotels. Check out this story on the developments and keep it here at the CAIRNS BLOG for updates.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here's what Roger Ebert has to say about the culture of celebrity that is pervading entertainment journalism at the moment in America's newsrooms. He says the "lengthening toll of former film critics acts as a poster child for the self-destruction of American newspapers," and roasts the drivel you are increasing getting in its place about Brad, Angelina, Jen, Britney, Heidi and Spencer, and all these other folks.

And I'm sure these stars are sick of being stalked by the press, too. Really, these folks would rather talk about their movies, and a lot of people out there would probably rather hear what these folks have to say about their movies. But instead, the suits in charge at the news organizations are giving marching orders to the rank and file to increase the celebrity coverage in an all-out bid to ape TMZ.

So we're getting live continuing coverage of the state of various relationships and whether certain female actresses are pregnant or not, because supposedly that's what sells with the great unwashed.

I have to say, I don't care who's anorexic or who's having a baby, or whether Karolina Kurkova has a belly button, or any of that stuff, either. And I agree with Ebert: someone has to tell the people at every entertainment publication and media outlet in North America that Barack Obama has nothing to do with entertainment. He is not an entertainer! End of story.


Rosie O'Donnell's new variety show Rosie Live was a big freaking flop on NBC. A real turkey.

And so yet another attempt to try and revive the variety genre fails, but let's face it: if NBC really wanted a successful variety show they should have tried harder to get a better host. Someone who you could actually see as a host of a variety show. Someone like... Regis Philbin?!

So the variety show is still dead, while reality shows continue to litter our television sets. This all stinks but fear not, folks. According to writer Ken Levine, the sitcom is coming back.


Well no, not really, but there was still a big bloodbath today over there at CTV with 105 people being let go. From what I gather, the biggest massacre was over in that building that CTV took over from ChumCity on Queen Street, where the music channels and Star!TV took a big hit. As well, on air people up at the Agincourt studios (CFTO) were among those tossed; Tim Weber, Jacintha Wesselingh and Kate Wheeler, apparently.

This comes on the heels of the big bloodbath over at Global. I gotta say, a guy like Ebenezer Scrooge would fit right in with the media industry.

UPDATE (Nov.28): Speaking of the recent Canwest Global bloodletting, I noticed that today was the last day for Connie Smith over at CHCH Hamilton.

ANOTHER UPDATE: For more on the CTV bloodbath, which gutted the entire production staffs at Star!TV and MuchMoreMusic, here's what Bill Brioux had to say.


It's American thanksgiving, and you know what that means. The NFL.

Link to results of the day's action here.


Watch the live coverage here from NDTV.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


You can read my box office column here. In it I talk about the prospects for upcoming movies like Four Christmases, which is due out today.

It never fails; every Thanksgiving you get a Christmas movie. And I suppose they release Thanksgiving movies at Halloween, and Halloween movies at Easter. What a joke.

Incidentally, I'm impressed with myself. I went over to the Fox News website and apparently this column was up over at its Entertainment section. They have a feature called "Best Entertainment Blogs" on that web page and I guess that feature links up with Film School Rejects regularly, so my article showed up over there earlier today. I should check out Fox News more often.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's time for another of my periodic updates on the state of men's magazines in North America.

As you know, it's been a swift decline for the past couple of years with several North American titles going completely belly-up (FHM, Stuff, etcetera). Now MAXIM, the mothership of them all, is in really serious trouble, and it's because their owners Alpha Media are seeing their earnings PLUMMET in the bad economy. Advertisers, which used to flee traditional media to advertise on the Internet, are now putting their ads nowhere at all. Alpha Media also have a mountain of debt that is choking the owners to death.

Now it looks like the company that bought MAXIM and Blender from the former Brit owners may end up in the hands of creditors.

Not even the appearance on the cover this month of an actress with a reputation for being extremely popular with guys, Olga Kurylenko (right), seems to have helped. Dammit!


At last I've found another excuse to put up a picture of actress/ pretty girl Tricia Helfer: she's going to guest-star on the spy TV show Chuck. Read it here. And now I'm heading off to write that box office column.


I've been reading more and more news stories about the potential stupidity known as the SAG strike, which might happen in January. I think this is just plain suicidal for the entire entertainment industry. I know there are people who have a beef with SAG about this whole thing, but SAG may also have some legitimate gripes with the skinflints who are running the whole movie and TV industry and want to lower peoples' wages. Anyway, I don't care what the issues are, all I care about is that these idiots at the top on both sides need to realize that this economy STINKS.

Here's a suggestion for everyone: why not just extend the current deal a couple of years and wait for things to get better? At least then people won't be thrown out of work, and maybe President Obama won't have to provide a bailout for any studios or TV networks like he's been doing for other industries.

Anyway, here's an article in the Hollywood Reporter on the potential decimation facing the TV industry. Actually, it won't be so bad, because so many shows are already in the can and late-night won't be affected, but enough shows will be affected for advertising to go in the sink and for a lot of jobs to permanently go up in smoke. Also, here's an article by David L. Wolper in the Huffington Post, trashing SAG's negotiation tactics.

I have a box office column to write (two days early because of American Thanksgiving), so that's all for now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Welcome back to my live continuing coverage of the economic mess. What else is there for me to do now that the CFL is over, and MLS is over, and Entourage is over for another year? Of course, auto racing has been over for about a week. Needless to say, I'm depressed.

It sure looked as if Citigroup was going to be over, too, but a bailout is afoot thanks to your friendly neighbourhood government. Read it here.

I really do need to get my mind off all this depressing news; I'm going back to watching the Rocky marathon on AMC.


My column on Twilight making $70 million is up. Bolt, meanwhile, got clobbered.

And a reminder to myself to post another column again around Tuesday, in time for the new Thanksgiving movies in the USA.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So the fatheads in charge of the Screen Actors Guild are seeking strike authorization. Talk about folks who truly have their heads in the sand! At a point in time when the entire economy is going down the tubes, these idiots want to take the entire motion picture and TV industry down for the count, too. This is not the time to go on the picket line, not after the mess the Writers Strike made of the whole industry. This is also no time for the captains of the TV and movie industry to look to break these unions with lowball bargaining tactics and the usual negotiating style we've come to expect from these people.

Now is the time for both sides to do a deal so they can keep the entertainment industry afloat and help the North American economy get back on its feet! It makes no sense for an industry that is getting creamed by lower television advertising revenues and lower DVD sales to shut down production for ANY length of time. That's a good way to get rid of what is left of your audience at movie theaters and on television.

That's it!!!!


Watching As the World Turns, in glorious black and white?

I'm afraid Route 66 will not be shown tonight.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm taking a break from talking about depressing current events: I want to talk about TV.

Been reading about the whole changeover of black and white television to color back in the Sixties. Here's some articles about it here and here.

I guess one of the reasons I'm interested is because we are seeing a big changeover happening now: the switchover from analog to digital and the arrival of HDTV. You see on so many shows and channels now the words "HD." You keep on seeing these ads on these American TV channels promoting the big "digital conversion" on February 17, 2009 all the time now.

Well, the last big revolution of this magnitude happened in the Sixties with the big changeover to "full-color." Of course, in the Fifties there were some shows that broadcast in color (usually on NBC) but most network TV was in black and white and most people didn't even have color TV sets.

That all changed by the mid-Sixties, when more and more color TV shows were being shown on TV. NBC was promoting itself as the "Full Color Network" and shows were promoting themselves as being "In Color". In fact the Walt Disney show of the time even had the word "color" in its title: Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.

As far as I can tell, television's "silver age" (black and white, that is) lasted until 1966, when the changeover to color TV in prime time was completed on the three major networks and the "Color age" began. I must say, I just don't know how people were able to survive with just black-and-white TV. I can handle the occasional show in black and white, but all of them?! Man, if you want to take the life out of watching television, show it all in black and white!!

NBC apparently spurred on the move to color; its prime time lineup went pretty much all-color in 1965, and it had plenty of color programming for years before that-- shows like Bonanza and Walt Disney. CBS and ABC had few color TV shows until about 1965, when they started converting shows like Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan's Island, Lassie and My Favorite Martian to color. By 1966 all the shows in prime time were in color on every network.

1966 was a significant year because the last great all-black-and-white series of television history, The Dick Van Dyke Show, ended its run that season. Had that show come back to TV for one more season that fall, we would have seen Rob Petrie and the gang in COLOR, guaranteed. The other black-and-white shows that stayed on the air past 1966, including I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Wild Wild West, Andy Griffith and so on, all had to convert to color. The folks at Jump the Shark consider the color changeover to be a major "jump the shark" moment for a lot of TV series, though I think the changeover had to be a benefit for some of them.

I've once again dug up some stuff from the YouTube TV vaults about color TV and the whole changeover. Enjoy.

And some rare Color TV from 1958!!!:

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My preview of the weekend box office is up.


Well, just got some especially cheery news from Nikki Finke's site. The friendly folks at Disney are chopping shows again. This time, ABC has yanked Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone (pictured) and Dirty Sexy Money. The first two shows were notable for being among the weirdest shows on the air. As for the third, well, no one has any money these days, so why not give it the boot.

Wow, the bloodbath continues at the networks. This news follows the word about the cancellations of Mad TV, King of the Hill, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy and other shows. As well, the CW just gave the boot to its entire Sunday night lineup that it contracted out to someone else.

One might think that the networks are going to go the el-cheapo route again and replace these with more junk reality shows and game shows. Well, it seems as if the public has had it with those shows, too. The LA Times is noting that the ratings are way down for Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and other shows. Meanwhile, various scripted shows like Gossip Girl and 30 Rock are up. Well, it's about time. Hopefully, the networks will smarten up and realize that a return to scripted TV is the way to go. I just hope there are advertisers left to bring these shows to your beloved set after the big three automakers go belly-up.

(Guys, get on with it and do a bailout already -- preferably one that will keep these three automakers in business so they won't go down the tubes!!).


I don't have much to say yet about the situation at the Canadian TV networks: CTV has just imposed a hiring freeze and there was a big bloodbath in news departments over at Global, particularly at these E! network affiliates. I heard the stations in Kelowna, Victoria and Hamilton were pretty hard hit, and that the morning news show on Global Ontario was cancelled. I imagine the Americans will follow suit with their own bloodbaths after all the money from the 2008 political ads run out.

In American cable news, E.D. Hill is out over at FOX.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Life remains bad on the Street. Still, I am thinking this ought to be bottoming out soon. When, I don't know.

Meanwhile, there is no Depression in the movie business: ticket sale revenuies are up, even though actual attendance has gone down about 3 percent. I have a column on Twilight and Bolt to write tomorrow, so don't expect me to show up again here until maybe Friday.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


In keeping with the James Bond spoof/ripoff theme of the week, I have decided to dredge up some more spy stuff from the YouTube vault for your edification. Actually, it's more for my own edification because I like this stuff.

We begin with opens for Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, which starred James Coburn.

Dean Martin as Matt Helm in Murderer's Row.

From TV, here's a look at The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

And here's Stefanie Powers in The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

Last but not least, the theme from Get Smart.

You know what? 2008 has turned out to be a really big year for spies in the movies. We had Get Smart and James Bond, both in one year -- and they both came off of a big year for the Bourne franchise in 2007.

Not to mention we also had Chuck on TV, but who cares about him. That's all for now.


Well, Carl Edwards won the race today in Miami-Homestead, but it's Jimmie Johnson who gets the points to clinch a third consecutive Sprint Cup.

And now auto racing season is over. Fortunately, we fans only have to wait until February for the cars to get up and running again.

That is, of course, assuming that there are cars available, since the Big Three are all on the verge of going belly-up. Of course, you also have sponsors bailing out because they have no money to spend. Never mind that NASCAR has legions of fans who watch races on TV every week; sponsors seem to feel that advertising their products is pointless these days, since nobody is buying nothing.

In other auto racing news, it seems all attempts to save the Canadian Grand Prix are officially down the drain as Bernie Ecclestone won't budge on his outrageous demands. So forget that race, then. All in all it looks as if we are in for sad times in auto racing in this part of the world next year.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I dunno what it is about the month of November that is causing network executive fools to swing the axe, but now the word is that ABC is about to boot Pushing Daisies, a show with a cult following among the geek community (who are also big fans of NBC's Heroes).

A move like this could be enough for the geeks to completely swear off TV. Incidentally, Heroes is in trouble in the ratings now and might go the way of Pushing Daisies if nothing turns around soon.

There are also rumors flying that Prison Break could be the next show cancelled by FOX. The notorious trigger-finger network may order up two final episodes for the season to wrap up the storyline, then boot the series off the air. You get the feeling that network television is a mess right now, with all these established shows sinking or getting cancelled?


Speaking of messes: there's big fallout happening right now over the collapse of the prime time lineup at NBC, and getting the blame is not programmer Ben Silverman, but Universal Media Studio President Katherine Pope. She oversaw those two new ratings-losing TV shows Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy --- both of which got cancelled this week. She also oversaw Bionic Woman, another "bright idea" which got the can last year. She is now getting carved up in the press for those flops and could walk the plank soon.

You know, it wasn't too long ago that people were saying Pope was headed for big things at NBC while the knives were sharpening for Silverman. Folks like Nikki Finke were reporting all the backstage shenanigans over at that sinking ship NBC, saying how Silverman was going to get fired soon. Yet here it is, November, and Silverman still has a job.

I'll say this for Silverman: at least he kept Law and Order on the air. If he had cancelled that show, I would have definitely been screaming for his scalp.


In more pleasant news, it seems the networks are trying to revive the 60s-style network variety show. I think this is a great move. These shows have been gone from network TV for too long and it would be terrific if there could be some good variety on TV again. Would be a nice change from these reality shows starring these wannabe-actors and other freaks.

I wonder if what the networks have planned will cut it, though: Rosie O'Donnell is getting a variety show, and so is John Mayer, apparently.

I don't know if the variety show genre will come back if this is what they have in mind, but at least these folks in charge are TRYING, for a change.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


In honor of Bond week: the Bond girls and babes from other spy movies (especially ones that tried to Be Like Bond).


Quantum of Solace finally arrives tomorrow to what is expected to be a big box-office bonanza. (Then again, maybe no one will go to the movies because everyone is broke.)

My box office prediction is up.


I keep on reading these articles about these sorry no-lives-type people who are suffering "political withdrawal" because the big American election is over. So these folks have nothing to do on Tuesday nights, now.

I guess following the big Minnesota Senate race recount or the not-yet completed Alaska Senate Race count isn't enough for these folks. Hey, why not follow Canadian politics, there's plenty of junk happening up here! Just today, Michael Ignatieff announced he would be taking on Bob Rae in the Liberal leadership race, with the convention to be held next year in Vancouver. There's a hotly contested provincial election going on in Quebec. And the Conservatives are holding their long-awaited policy convention in Winnipeg.

Heck, it took the party long enough to hold this thing! They were talking about holding a policy convention in Winnipeg way back in 2006 when I was still active in politics. In fact, I remember telling people that I thought Winnipeg was a bad place for a convention and that the party ought to hold it in a place like Toronto -- so they could steal some seats there and get some good publicity.

Then again, maybe holding the event in Winnipeg is a good idea -- it's far enough from Toronto for people to ignore it, so you don't have social activists picketing or making noise about it.

I wouldn't have gone, anyway. This thing is costing delegates an arm and a leg to attend, something over $850 dollars! I know they charge a much cheaper rate to people who, say, donated hundreds of dollars to the party, so they can get in for less because of Election Canada's political contribution limits. Still...

I am sorry, but this is ridiculous. What grassroots Tory is going to be able to attend a convention charging that amount of money as a registration fee?! On top of that, there are hotel bills and, for the unfortunate people who live far from Winnipeg, air fare. What a ripoff. Now, of course, the party brass is spinning about how reasonable these prices are. I saw some party official on CPAC television, claiming these fees aren't keeping people away from the convention. What baloney this is, folks; these fees ARE keeping folks away from the convention. If I was still in politics, it would have kept me away, that's for sure! Even if registration cost $60 bucks, the transportation and hotel bills would have kept me home.

The only people able to go to this thing are rich people and political staffer types who contributed boatloads of money to the party! The party is using this convention as a big fundraising event for themselves. Grassroots politics, they say? My foot!

Anyway, no one in Canada seems to care much about this convention; probably because they know nothing will happen and there will be no "knife-the-leader" stories to report.

I couldn't find much about Stephen Harper's big speech on CBC or CTV tonight; instead I watched the gavel-to-gavel coverage over on CPAC --sort of. You see, over on Global TV they were showing Steve Carell go to Winnipeg in tonight's more-idiotic-than-usual episode of The Office. So I watched that instead and missed most of Harper's rah-rah speech.

Someone should tell these silly Dunder-Mifflin idiots that people in Winnipeg actually speak English.

Anyway, if you are looking for blog coverage of the convention, try the Blogging Tories. They're the only people in Canada who seem to care about it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, it took a while but we are now seeing lots of shows get the boot from American TV. CBS yanked The Ex List this week, and NBC has just booted My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater. Also, word is they also are giving Lipstick Jungle the boot.

Lately, FOX has been swinging the axe like crazy. They got things rolling in September by booting new show Do Not Disturb. Not too long ago, they cancelled King of the Hill completely (they are now rumored to be looking to move to another network such as ABC; fat chance) and have now shifted the new Joss Whedon effort Dollhouse to the Siberia timeslot of Friday nights, where it is expected to languish and die a sad death.

Just today comes the latest axe-swinging, again over at FOX, as MAD TV has gotten the boot after 14 years of getting beat in the ratings every week by Saturday Night Live.

I expected some people might be upset to see it go. From all the comments I've read, though, everyone is glad to see this show finally get the boot and feel this series should have been put out of its misery a long time ago.

My own beef with MAD TV is that it never seemed to be a show that had any similarity at all to its namesake magazine, MAD. Instead, it just seemed like a cut-rate ripoff of Saturday Night Live. My reaction to the show's cancellation is summed up by the famous last words "what, me worry?".


Well, welcome to James Bond week here at the CAIRNS BLOG as I do a series of posts about the new Quantum of Solace movie and the James Bond spy craze in particular. Later this week (actually, tomorrow), I will be writing up my usual post for the Reject Report over at Film School Rejects, where I predict how the latest Bond movie will do in the domestic market.

Right now, I am going to salute all the old, sometimes obscure spy-genre spoofs and wannabe-Bond movies that came out during the early days of the 007 movie franchise in the Sixties.

I'll start with Operation Kid Brother, an Italian-made Spaghetti-Bond movie starring Neil Connery, Sean Connery's brother, as the spy. I actually found this movie on the Internet as part of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Turned out there were quite a few of these Spaghetti-Spy movies and I ought to do another post about it showing some more trailers from some of these flicks.

Here's Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, starring Mike Connors.

A Man Called Dagger

Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill

Secret Agent Super Dragon

The sequel to Deadlier than the Male, entitled Some Girls Do.

And last but not least --- The Man Called Flintstone!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Check out what I had to say in this post here about Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa winning at the box office this weekend.

And you're very lucky to be reading any blog posts from me today because I was scheduled to be out of town right now, but never left the house because of bad weather. There you go. By the way, stay tuned for lots of spy movie stuff here at the blog this week, in honor of the new James Bond movie that finally opens in North America this week.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well, I am at the point of the year where all my favorite sports are wrapping up or pretty much finished. Formula One wrapped up last week with Lewis Hamilton hanging on in the final race in Brazil to win the title, and the Sprint Cup title is pretty much done as well as Jimmie Johnson is on the verge of clinching, with the season ending next week. Just today, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were eliminated in the CFL playoffs. Thumped at home by the BC Lions

And of course the big election is OVER. I know there are people out there talking about people going into "political withdrawal" after the election but it's even worse when baseball is over, auto racing is over and your team is out in football.

The one thing keeping me sane is the fact that the NFL is still going strong, as is NCAA football. Yet even the NCAA regular season is going to be done soon. Needless to say, life for me is bad, bad, bad.

Friday, November 07, 2008


The zoo crew from Madagascar is back again in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, one of three new movies on tap competing for the box office title.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for James Bond to show up here in this side of the world, even though he's already being shown overseas. My column is up, and you can find it here.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, the big US presidential election is over, and the markets are still in a depressing state. Time to lighten up the blog again and focus on less serious matters.

Any of you still watch that silly The Girls Next Door TV show?

Me neither. I can't bring myself to tune into that depressing show anymore -- not when you know that Bridget Marquardt has broken up with Hef, too, and is leaving the Mansion.

Meanwhile, it's official: Holly Madison is busy running around with Criss Angel. Apparently Kendra Wilkinson is running around with some football player, too. To top it all off, Hef is now dating a couple of ex-cons.

Now the backstabbing is going public and you are seeing Holly speak out and saying how high-maintenance Hef is. Well, no wonder this relationship finally went down the drain!

Man, what a gong show this ending of a relationship has turned out to be; it's made that whole Girls Next Door show completely unwatchable. And to see that old swinger Hef reduced to dating two loser ex-con twins instead of these three well-adjusted chicks Holly, Bridget and Kendra is pathetic, to say the least.

UPDATE: Now I hear Kendra is engaged to be married (and NOT to Hef)!!


You know, I found it amusing last night after Barack Obama's victory that people in Washington D.C. were celebrating in the streets as if their team had won the World Series or something. They were all congregating outside the White House, celebrating and making a lot of noise over Obama's win. This was happening elsewhere around the USA as well.

You know, this never happens in Canada. You don't see people celebrating in the streets after an election; instead they go to their local victory party to get drunk. Maybe they might celebrate after a Quebec referendum, but not during a federal election, that's for sure. I guess that says a lot about our country and the quality of leaders we elect.

These celebrants really do need to calm down, though. Just wait until Obama hikes taxes or some scandal erupts or something like that-- then the enthusiasm will cool off pretty quickly.


I notice funnyman Al Franken is seeking a recount in his razor-close Senate race with Norm Coleman.

I've really enjoyed following politics this fall both here in frozen Canada and in the USA. I think that is all the election news for this site for now. Wait a minute - Jean Charest just called an election in Quebec.

Great -- more politics!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008






10:20 EST/9:20 CST
Won't be long now, another 40 minutes and Obama should be over the top with California, Oregon and Washington. I notice a lot of the victory and defeat speeches are starting to get made.
I notice CBS is showing scenes from Howard University with the African Americans there jumping up and down, and some of them are in tears. Those pictures really say it all.
Oh, and Al Franken's ahead in Minnesota.

9:44 EST/8:44 CST
Right now Obama has 200 electoral votes and he'll go over the top for sure the moment the West Coast polls are closed. McCain is dead on his feet right now. I'm also reading the people over at NRO Online - what a sad place that is right now.

McCain is also sinking fast in Florida. - 8:28

Well some big names are falling in the Senate. In New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen has beat JOHN SUNUNU. In North Carolina they just projected Elizabeth Dole DEFEATED in her re-election bid. Stunning news.

Big news. -8:06

81-39 for OBAMA!!! Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware for Obama. Oklahoma for McCain. Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania TCTC.

7:30PM EST/6:30 CST
West Virginia goes McCain; too close to call in a number of other states that the GOP used to win easily in past elections. A sure sign of doom.

Kentucky to McCain, Vermont to Obama.

Early exit polls look like a big Obama win at this point. Early returns show McCain ahead in Kentucky (big deal!) and neck and neck in Indiana which ought to be GOP in a walk. -5:29PM

The live blog for this election night is up and running! Stay tuned for further updates right here at the CAIRNS BLOG. -5:15pm

Monday, November 03, 2008


The slaughter is officially on. McCain might as well just throw in the towel right now.


We are just a day away from the big election and I thought I would post a few things here in advance of the big US vote, to let you know about some of the big stories coming up tomorrow and also fill you in on what else is going on in the news.

Well, the campaigns are having their final big rallies but it is also a sad day on the trail because Barack Obama's grandmother died the day before the election. Darnet, why did she have to die now? Why not wait one more day to see Barack win?

Meanwhile, some polls are tightening. On the other hand, others show a complete blowout race. We could be in for an early night (for a change!).

Stay tuned for non-stop coverage on election night, tomorrow. Actually, I'm kind of glad it's almost over. This election has been upstaged by the financial crisis and has become known more for the happenings on comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, with Tina Fey and all these people doing their impressions.

Also, here's what to expect as far as the TV networks are concerned.

Stay tuned- I will have early Midnight returns from New Hampshire tonight, as usual. Tomorrow, it's the big vote.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


A while back I put up some YouTube stuff from past election nights and I thought I would add a few more here in anticipation of the big vote in the USA. So without further ado, here's what I found -- some links to American history as it happened. Enjoy.






What this post is, essentially, is a test to see if this MSNBC widget is going to work on election night.

Whaddaya know: it worked! Stay tuned for stuff like this on Election Night when we cover the results right here on THE CAIRNS BLOG.


Just thought I'd let you know a bunch of box office records are toppling in the United Kingdom with the box-office success of Quantum of Solace. It opened there this weekend and opens in North America on November 14.

Over here on this side of the Atlantic, nobody went to the movies. My update on what went down at the domestic box office is up.



Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here's what my prediction was, and let me tell you, it's already wrong! The box office this Halloween is going to be far worse than expected. More later.

(Pictured: the duo from Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which might as well be titled Zack and Miri Make No Money. Well, what do you expect with a title like that?)


Everyone is completely fed up with the new At the Movies show with those two new hosts with the first name Ben. It's fair to say that show is a complete debacle that is losing audiences, and it's also getting pushed back farther and farther into the night on weekend syndicated TV. I notice the station in Detroit that carries the show on my cable system now airs the thing at 1 AM (Detroit time) instead of midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. On CTV here in Canada, the situation is even worse: the show has been pushed to Monday mornings at 2 am, after Access Hollywood!

Needless to say people are waiting for Richard Roeper to come back and get his new show off the ground, or whatever it is he is planning to do with whatever co-host he plans to have. The good news is he may announce something, soon. Here's what he had to say in a recent column in the Chicago Sun-Times. And that is all for now.