Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I wish I had more to say about the Canadian election, but I don't. Suffice it to say that there is not likely to be much change from last time. As I have said before, it's really hard for me to get worked up for this campaign because I am not actively involved in any sort of partisan way. I have been active as a member of the mainstream media, but it has been a strange campaign.

I suppose the fact that I live in a bedrock Conservative electoral district has something to do with the situation, because all the real news has happened elsewhere. The Prime Minister hasn't set foot in the riding even once, and the opposition leaders haven't been here either.

Of course, during the last election Stephen Harper had big rallies in Toronto that people attended. He had a big rally the same day that Stephane Dion had a big rally in Brampton, one in which Jean Chretien even showed up. If I were reporting the political beat in a place like Toronto it would have been a much more interesting time. At least in that region there has been some semblance of a race. Just not here in frozen Saskatchewan.

Anyway it will be interesting to see if we get some surprise upsets and well-known MPs getting knocked off. I suppose the highest profile race in the country involves Peter MacKay of the Conservatives and Elizabeth May of the Green Party out there in Nova Scotia, but there is no guarantee that May is even going to win. There are stories that Rahim Jaffer could be in trouble in Edmonton and that cabinet ministers Gary Lunn and Michael Fortier could also lose. In Toronto it looks like Gerard Kennedy may end up losing to incumbent NDP MP Peggy Nash. I know there are people wondering if Ralph Goodale will finally lose in Saskatchewan but somehow I don't see it happening. We'll see.

I will also be looking closely at how Conservatives Tony Clement, Jim Flaherty, Terence Young and Peter Kent do in Ontario. A guy I once campaigned for named Eugene McDermott is running again in Don Valley East. On a purely personal note I hope he does well -- but he's in one of those ridings that is tough for Conservatives to win.

Also I do not see there being much of a change in the seat count from last time. Maybe the Liberals lose a few and the NDP gains a few, but that's about it. And we'll be into the next Liberal leadership campaign in no time.

I'll be back with my usual Canadian election coverage with links to news sources and then my usual wrapup of the election results from across Canada after I am finished with my election night duties tomorrow. My list of links is coming up next.

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