Thursday, October 02, 2008


Some entertainment news to pass along tonight, and the only way you'll get real entertainment news is from ME since Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood are so focused on trying to ape TMZ.

Well, seems the folks over at FOX have been making some decisions. Seems Fringe has been picked up for the whole season. But the latest rumor is also that The Sarah Connor Chronicles is about to get the boot.

Read an article about one of my favorite TV actresses Paula Marshall and some of the shows she's on. She's got this reputation for appearing in shows that get cancelled soon after, so say goodbye soon to Californication and Gary, Unmarried -- which in the last couple of weeks both rolled out with her in it.

These folks in Bollywood are on strike! Man, a lot of people living in Toronto won't like this.

And these actors in Hollywood may join them and add to the economic misery of the United States, with the Screen Actors Guild possibly walking.

That's it for now.

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