Friday, October 10, 2008


You are probably wondering where the heck my rants about the Canadian election are. Well, I have been writing about it-- for real publications, though. Just not here.

There is little for me to say about it that has not already been said. The Tories have blown their shot at a majority government with an embarrassing gaffe-filled campaign, and have looked like a bunch of folks in denial about the state of the economy. People are saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be doing the "I feel your pain" routine more, although he isn't wrong in saying things are better in Canada than in the United States. But then again, the economy in Western Canada is a whole lot better than in the East, where times are tough.

As for the Liberals, they blew their shot last night after Stephane Dion botched an interview with CTV in the Atlantic region because he repeatedly couldn't understand the question from the interviewer. Now it looks as if all the smaller parties are going to make gains on Tuesday and that Parliament will end up even more dysfunctional than ever.

I'll have more to say later -- I hope. Maybe my lack of interest is the byproduct of the fact that I am sitting out of a campaign, again, and therefore have nothing of value to say about it.

In the meantime, check out what Andrew Coyne thinks about the election, and also see what Roy MacGregor has to say about what he calls the worst campaign ever. Gee, Roy, I remember the 2006 and 2004 votes as being just as bad for the sort of thing you talk about. Nothing has changed at all in three or four elections: it's all negativism, spin, and twisting people's words. No discussion of the issues, just petty namecalling. Canadian politics is definitely in a sorry state.

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