Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, I wish I had more news from the days I have been gone from the blog, but I don't. Suffice it to say I have been preoccupied with other matters for the last few days. It looks like this week might be a little easier so I may have more to say around here. in between watching old horror movies on TV on TCM and AMC.

On to the latest rants.

We are approaching the last full week of the American presidential campaign and, surprise surprise, the top issue in the American campaign is the price tag from the wardrobe of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Meanwhile, the negative commercials continue on American TV. Keep it here at The CAIRNS BLOG for continuing coverage of the American elections and see you on election night for full live-blogging. (I should be around to do some of that, unlike on Canadian election night when I was actually on assignment reporting the vote results).

Here in frozen Canada we expect an announcement any time of the composition of Stephen Harper's new cabinet.

In movie news, High School Musical 3 won at the box office this weekend.

Found an article about gorgeous Fox Business anchor Jenna Lee. I wonder if she's found a boyfriend yet.

And I notice efforts are under way to try and save the Canadian Grand Prix, although, quite frankly, I wouldn't blame anyone if they wanted to tell Bernie Ecclestone where to go. Formula 1 is holding up Montreal for ransom. I sure hope the people there are working behind the scenes looking for some other series to go in there at Circuit Jacques Villeneuve, so they can tell these money-grubbers at F1 to go jump off a cliff.

I could possibly post something about the stock market, or about the family tragedy involving Jennifer Hudson, or even the World Series. I don't feel like it, though.

That's it. Honestly, there's really not much happening here where I am right now; I basically posted this so I could show my face.

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