Saturday, October 11, 2008


The CBC announced the winner of the nationwide contest to choose the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song just before tonight's telecast.

The new, ahem, "anthem", coming complete with bagpipes, sounds like something that would introduce a curling broadcast or something. I can't believe the CBC made such a production out of choosing a new theme song. The hosts declared this new theme "the people's choice" and Canada's new "second national anthem."

Wait one minute. Let's get something straight. This song they chose is just another theme song. It's not Canada's "second national anthem", and it isn't even the people's choice. The people's real choice is the hockey anthem these jokers at the CBC already had.

I gotta say it -- the new Hockey Night in Canada theme doesn't hold a candle to the new theme song for the hockey broadcasts on TSN beginning October 15. You know, the one that TSN swiped from CBC after the contract expired. (Idiots!!!)

Speaking of Hockey Night in Canada -- wasn't that broadcast ever littered with political ads tonight? What "air pollution" that was tonight with all those negative ads. Pathetic.

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