Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, these are definitely sad times all over the stock market. I guess people might feel the need to try and escape from all the doom and gloom and try to have a few laughs courtesy of sitcoms on TV.

Fat chance. Those shows have flown the coop, just like your stocks have! The sitcoms have been replaced by reality shows and other garbage, so they're mostly gone from network TV except maybe for a choice few. For those folks who are hoping to land writing jobs on TV shows like Two and a Half Men after they lose their Wall Street gigs: well, forget it.

As someone who kind of has (or more accurately, "had") aspirations towards working in TV as a writer, these are depressing times. Read the New York Observer piece here.

I will have more to write about TV soon. Kind of hard to write about TV, though, if you are spending most of your time working and not watching TV.

And another reminder to myself that I have another movie column to write for tomorrow. Again.

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