Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well the Toronto International Film Festival is winding down, and for a rundown on the big news of the week check out this Hollywood Reporter article here.

So much for my coverage of that. Like I say, I wasn't there and was completely out of the loop this year. Had I been there, though, you can bet I would have been my girl-crazy self, swooning over women. So my posts would have been pretty uninformed anyway.

A few final links: here's the Globe's TIFF page. Observations by folks at the National Post. Toronto Life. And the Toronto Star.

And sourpuss Bruce Kirkland had his own rants in the Toronto Sun about what's wrong with the festival and how to fix it. I guess he's ranting about how elitist it is becoming and how it's not the people's festival anymore, and so on. (He isn't wrong, either, by the way. Reactions here.)

Also, a movie critic got beaten up by another movie critic at the festival. We'll let Roger Ebert describe that silliness.

I have to rant and rave about the new TV season under way, so I plan to write about that soon. That's all people care about, the new TV season; nobody cares about the latest movies in theaters.

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