Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I dunno about you but I'm looking forward to VP nominee Sarah Palin's speech tonight. Among other things she is going to go after people tonight. She goes after the media, she goes after Barack Obama's "community organizer" experience, she goes after everyone.

In other news, I have to say the media, and in particular the bloggers, have gone hog wild over Sarah Palin's background and personal history. Among other things, her whole family is getting trashed. They are roasting her husband for a drunk driving charge; they are roasting her 17-year-old pregnant daughter; they are accusing Palin -- falsely, might I add -- of being an Alaskan secessionist; and on and on. Media people are going after the "vetting process" and assuming Palin's an idiot. And the blogging community has really been worst of all, especially the Huffington Post. That online rag has reported every phony rumor out there in an all-out attempt to destroy a candidate and have been trying to play up efforts to get Palin to withdraw from the race.

You know, this really is ridiculous. The media is looking really bad going overboard with the attacks on Sarah Palin. Who will want to ever run for office if this is what you must deal with? John McCain cancelled a big sit-down with Larry King because the vultures over there at CNN (this means you, Campbell Brown) were trashing Palin's decision-making ability and belittling her experience. It's fair to say the McCain campaign is at war with the media.

I sure am fed up with these media people doing their usual seek-and-destroy mission on a politician. It's one thing to go after someone who is being trashed for having an affair, but they are just going after Palin over --- nonsense.

I mean really: if McCain wants to run against the entire national media, then be my guest. These folks don't care about real policy issues; all they care about is this tawdry stuff, rumors and innuendo. These media monkeys have to go.

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