Saturday, September 13, 2008


You know what, it seems I picked the right time to not live in Toronto, because people are slamming this year's film festival as too elitist. And not just Bruce Kirkland (see previous post below).

Found a few more rants about it: one over at CTV (of all places) and another at eyeWeekly. Check out that eyeWeekly article, it's pretty good. They link to complaints from Rex Reed, David Poland and a whole ton of people. Plus, that article also mentions how bigshot corporate sponsor Bell kicked out Rogers Television from covering the film festival, which is a disgrace in its own right because Rogers TV used to do 24-hour non-stop coverage of the festival on its cable channel for the whole time the thing ran, showing press conferences and the like. Now what can you get? NOTHING. A vital link to the people who made this festival important is lost.

Anyway, that's enough from me about the film festival -- now back to living it up out here in the rugged Canadian West.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Bell could kick Rogers to the curb where Rogers has so many powerful Government 'Associates' affiliated to and invested with Rogers and the Rogers Sugarcane Fund.
In 1993-94 Mulroney & 'Associates' had invested in Media & Entertainment industry, wonder if Bell was one of the Investments?
Conrad Black is a Mulroney 'Associate.' Mulroney appointed Black a Member of The Privey Council and is still a Member although he's a convicted Felon 'doing time' in a US Federal Prison in Florida.
Now that's a story worth telling on Film. The organized crime corrupted within and 'associated' to Canada's CONS government.