Monday, September 08, 2008


Yes, another News from Nowhere post because, well, anyways, I'm kind of tired out and have been working too hard lately, so I just thought I would post these brief blurbs.

The movie box office this weekend was in the TANK! Where is everyone?! My rant about it here.

Big news out of MSNBC: both Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have been taken off the anchoring of political coverage over there and have been replaced by David Gregory, amid rumors of infighting within MSNBC and accusations of media bias by the Republicans. The GOP are instead opting to give interviews to Charlie Gibson and people like that instead.

First big controversy of the Canadian election: Green Party leader Elizabeth May is being excluded from the TV debates!

And separatist Gilles Duceppe wants federalists to vote for him! Fat chance.

Hurricane Ike is tearing across Cuba!

Britney Spears was a big winner at the VMAs!

And here's the big news: OJ SIMPSON is on TRIAL yet AGAIN! In Las Vegas, for armed robbery!! Check out the usual coverage on the LA TV websites. You know, I kind of hope that this time they lock this guy up. Forever. It's really about time.

I'd be jealous about not covering that OJ trial -- but I have a big trial to cover myself in about a week, so I am not going to whine. That's all for now.

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