Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm a bit blogged out tonight. I guess I am just tired and fed up writing about these boring conventions. I'm trying to rest up for the next few days. I have some sports assignments to cover this weekend so I am trying my best not to write very much. Besides, I am going to be writing about politics for about six weeks straight in the near future here in frozen Canada and need to be in top shape to do that.

This will serve as a kind of live blog as John McCain speaks tonight.

Of course, Sarah Palin had a really good speech last night, but I kind of liked Rudy Giuliani's speech more. He was just ridiculing Obama, especially his record in the state senate down there in Illinois. Obama voted "Present" a number of times. Present?! That's a hot one.

Anyway, it's fair to say this convention was upstaged by (a) the hurricane, and (b) the football game tonight between New York and Washington. You think NFL fans care that John McCain is speaking tonight? Fat chance.

UPDATE: Man, this audience won't let McCain get through his speech without chanting USA! USA!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Uh, you know what, this isn't McCain's night after all -- some HECKLERS and PROTESTERS got in the hall and caused a disruption in the middle of McCain's speech! Sort of reminds me of what happened 4 years ago with George W. Bush. Maybe this post ought to read "The Hecklers' Night" instead.

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