Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, the American economy is about to go straight to heck. Why? Because these frakking idiots in Washington are too wrapped up in politics to come to their senses and do a deal that will keep the American financial system from collapsing. You have everyone disagreeing about the bailout package, and nobody agreeing. Numbskulls!!! These folks need to get with the program, fast, and put the constituents' welfare ahead of their own partisan politics -- right now.

Meanwhile John McCain is temporarily suspending his campaign -- so he can go to Washington and see what he can do to hash out a bailout deal that everyone can live with. He also wants the scheduled presidential debate with Barack Obama postponed until they get a deal done.

Obama, on the other hand, is still more interested in having a debate on the issues.

What nonsense. Who would you rather have in the White House -- someone who'd rather give fancy speeches at coliseums and debate in political debates, or someone willing to roll up his sleeves in a crisis situation? I say the latter, and that's why I'm more impressed with what McCain is doing.

If they can still hold a debate, fine. But get this crisis out of the way first! To me McCain is showing a lot more leadership than Obama is at the moment on this vital issue.

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