Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, noticed a few rants here, here and here about Kim Voynar leaving her post at Cinematical, a movie blog I link to quite often. She has her own reasons for leaving which you can find here. Well, this has to be the biggest departure since Karina Longworth left.

From what I gather she left because, according to some folks out there, Cinematical is slowly turning into yet another generic movie blog like all the other ones that obsess over stars and superheros and all that.

Not a way to go, I must say. A lot of these movie blogs just seem to hype the Hollywood machine a lot of the time, and it sounds like the pressure might be on from on high from AOL for Cinematical to be shills for the studios.

You see this sort of shill coverage at a lot of these online movie sites out there -- too many to name, quite frankly. A lot of movie sites just rant about the same movies that get Internet "hits," such as superhero movies, science fiction, and whatever Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez are up to. And too much of what ends up written up on these sites is just plain hype.
The coverage goes something like this: when these sites get word that people are floating the idea for some big blockbuster superhero movie, they will go nuts and say what a great idea this is. Such as: "Aquaman is going to be awesome." Then there will be news of signings of some big director and these sites will go nuts again. "James Cameron is going to be directing Aquaman! It's going to be awesome." Then the studio will release some behind the scenes pictures which are sure to be printed up on these websites, which will hype the movie even more. "Check out these pictures from the filming of Aquaman! It's going to be awesome." These sites will have a life-and-death debate over who will be in the movie. "They should get Megan Fox for Aquaman, she's awesome!!!"

Then finally the movie will come and the site will inevitably deliver its drooling, slobbering final verdict: "Aquaman is awesome!!!"

After all that is over, it will be on to ranting about the sequel plans. ("Michael Bay is signed to do Aquaman 2! It's going to be awesome!")

It cuts the other way, too. These sites can end up spending two years trashing some superhero movie that ends up being pretty good.

Methinks Kim Voynar doesn't go for that drivel. Who can blame her?

I don't want to see all these movie sites act as a bunch of shills for DC and Marvel all the time, either. I want real movie coverage, darnet, I want some balance!! I like DC and Marvel, too, but come on. I want to see film festival coverage, too, and coverage of important filmmakers. And I want to see writers who are able to call a spade a spade and voice their opinions about whether films are great or terrible. I don't want people shilling movies all the time, and who cares about Megan Fox!

Megan may be cute, but personally I want to see more Sienna Miller coverage. Sienna may be out of control and as a result her fans hate her now, but at least she's interesting.

And where's the Penelope Cruz coverage? Her movies are better, for crying out loud.

Personally, I want to see Cinematical remain a little more highbrow and indy-minded, doing the good work they usually do. The last thing the world needs is yet another movie site giving us the same boring crap that all the other boring movie sites give us, in unison, about the same movie projects over and over again. And that is my movie rant for the day.

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