Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, welcome back to News from Nowhere, this time reporting live with coverage of the Republican National Convention from St. Paul, Minnesota. All of which has been upstaged by Hurricane Gustav and the rest of the news today.

The good news for much of the day has been that the hurricane isn't the worst storm ever and that the levees in New Orleans have been HOLDING UP. BUT... the breaking news right now is that the levee in Plaquemines, LA are about to break. So it looks like trouble down in southern Louisiana. It's not a densely populated area, apparently, but there are homes there. We'll keep you posted.

In further hurricane news Hurricane Hanna could hit Georgia on Friday. Yikes!

Back to political news: the Republican National Convention is under way and has been shortened considerably due to the mayhem down in New Orleans. The first lady Laura Bush is speaking right now on Day One, but no one at the news channels seems to care much about the convention. It's been pretty much all hurricane coverage today.

In further bad news for the GOP, it's been revealed today that Sarah Palin the VP pick has a pregnant teenage daughter who plans to keep her baby. Barack Obama says its none of his business to comment on it. Good for him. But unfortunately, some other Democrats are wanting to comment on it and criticizing Sarah Palin for opposing sex education in schools. (?) (!) (?)

Other news this day:

The Jerry Lewis Telethon just ended with a new record of over $65 million.

Tropic Thunder won the weekend box office for the Labor Day weekend with a four-day holiday total of $14 million. And The Dark Knight has crossed the $500 million mark in domestic box office.

Here in frozen Canada it is a big day for football and the CFL. Politically it's been a big day as well, as Stephen Harper has now met with all the opposition parties including Stephane Dion today -- all of whom promise further obstruction in parliament and are claiming Harper is hell-bent on an election right now. Well, get ready for Canada to go to the polls October 14. Honestly, these opposition parties look like the Keystone Cops right now. They've been saying for weeks that the public wants an election, and now they say that people don't want an election! Make up your minds, guys.

And now it looks like Day One of the GOP Convention is OVER - Cindy McCain just spoke and they are calling off the rest of the proceedings today. So much for that.

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mike belgrove said...

Im glad Obama decided to stay far away from the Palin daughter thing. Plus is there really anything to do in Alaska other than get pregnant?