Sunday, September 14, 2008


Or, should I say, "down the toilet," because that's what happened. To sum it up, this whole week was wasted by the political parties. The Tories committed their gaffes, what with their war-room people making idiot comments and doing a few things the Prime Minister had to apologize for, but the opposition did nothing to capitalize on it.

The reason was all because of the backtracking by Jack Layton and everyone else to allow Elizabeth May into the leaders' debate. Of course, the Conservatives opposed it, too, but what did people expect them to say? Layton was supposed to be above all that and a good Samaritan about things like this, supposedly. So everyone professed to be shocked when he threatened to pull out. Now, this whole brouhaha took up the entire first week of the campaign and served to do nothing for any of the opposition parties. It just allowed these idiot Greens an opportunity to get a national stage for their party and take away left-leaning votes from the Liberals and NDP, preventing these two parties from gaining any traction or seats.

Of course, the NDP's own supporters were aghast that Jack Layton would dare to oppose Elizabeth May's participation in a debate. But why should these NDP supporters be so aghast? May's inclusion in the debates UNDERMINES the NDP. You'd think real NDP supporters would be OK with seeing May out of the debates.

Seems to me the NDP support out there is soft as heck and ready to defect to the Greens. Of course, the Greens wasted the week threatening to sue bloggers over some comment the leader made on TVO. Something about people being stupid.

The Liberals, too, are going nowhere fast: they can't seem to explain their freaking "green shift" and Stephane Dion has been flying across the country on that old jet that could crash any time. They are finding themselves on the wrong side of the carbon tax issue in a week when gas prices were going through the roof. All in all the Liberals' campaign chaos has been good news for Stephen Harper, who was able to announce a cut in the excise tax this week. Also, the polls have the party up anywhere from eight to 15 points.

We'll check back next week to see if there are any changes to the political landscape but right now the Conservatives are off to a strong start.

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