Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, here is a special Financial edition of News from Nowhere tonight, and a lot of news there is.

Sort of.
Actually, nothing's happened in Washington. The bailout is in chaos, and they're back to hashing it out tomorrow. Seems the Republican rump in the House is having a cow over President Bush and his bailout plan. They think the people are going to get hosed in taxes.

Meanwhile John McCain and Barack Obama were at the meetings and McCain apparently said very little. The Democrats, though, say he has been a distraction. Well, how is he a distraction if he says nothing?! That argument makes no sense.

And that whole presidential debate tomorrow is still totally up in the air down at Ole Miss. Now there's talk Obama might go down there and have essentially a town hall all to himself if McCain doesn't show.

In addition to those Republicans on the Hill who look like Keystone Cops right now, Katie Couric roasted Sarah Palin, McCain's genius-choice for running mate. Palin looked kind of out to lunch in the interview.

Wow. You get the feeling that if Obama loses this thing that no black man will ever set foot in the White House as President? Ever? If Obama can't beat this group of jokers, who will?!

In other news, this freaking mess in Washington means the bailout will come too late for Washington Mutual, which has tonight gone belly-up.

And that YouTube video of Dave Letterman roasting John McCain for going back to Washington, instead of appearing on his show as scheduled, is making the rounds. Seems McCain didn't rush back after all -- he stopped in to talk to his pal Katie Couric, too.

That's all for now. Time to watch CNBC and get depressed all over again.

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