Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just a reminder to you -- and more importantly, to me -- that I plan to liveblog the Emmys tomorrow night and track how the night unfolds.

I gotta say this: I have written a lot about the sorry state of TV these days, with reality shows and other idiocy littering the tube and driving regular viewers like myself away. (It's nice to see that dull Deal or No Deal show finally managed to give away a million dollars not long ago. Good; we don't need to watch that junk anymore.)

Still, the vast wasteland of mediocrity does not seem to inflict these cable networks to the same degree. Especially these ones that normally show a lot of movies on their schedules. For whatever reason these shows on pay-through-the-nose channels HBO, Showtime, AMC, USA, TNT, FX etcetera seem a cut above the dreck on all the networks, and I think tomorrow's Emmy results are going to reflect that.

I guess the best things in life really are, ahem, bought and paid for. Also, this is the usual "kickoff" week to the TV season and I have yet to announce which show I think will be the first to be cancelled. Well, I had better make a prediction soon, or else I might miss it.


Tomorrow also marks the end of the line for Yankee Stadium. I should definitely tune in to see that, somewhere.

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