Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well, the Stephen Harper gang have said to heck with trying to live up to your own election-date law, let's have an election anyway. So the Prime Minister's claiming a deadlock in the House of Commons is forcing his hand and forcing an election on Oct. 14.

Well, it is true Parliament is grinding to a standstill, but the opposition hadn't voted non-confidence yet! Stuff was still getting done. Not much, mind you, but some.

You know, it's cynical stuff like this that has driven me out of politics: passing election-date laws and then calling early elections. If you don't believe in your own freaking law, don't pass it in the first place! Stephen Harper says the election dates only apply to majority governments. That's his excuse.

Anyway it serves the Liberals right, having a snap election called on them. Heck, Jean Chretien was notorious for calling snap elections while the other parties were unprepared. He did it to Stockwell Day in 2000, and it was that cynical move by Chretien that caused the election-dates law to be adopted in the first place. Sure enough, it looks like the Libs are in no shape to fight an election right now, either. What goes around comes around, then, eh?

In further evidence that politicians in Canada do not believe in their own line of bull: Stephane Dion and his supposedly green-minded Liberals, who want to stick Canadians with a "Green Shift" carbon tax, have booked a gas-guzzling old jet for their campaign across the country. To which everyone else is calling BS.

The Liberal campaign jet isn't even in use yet: it won't be ready until later in the week! What a dismal state of affairs for the Liberals. Talk about a campaign that's grounded. That's all for now.

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