Friday, September 05, 2008


Well, I notice from watching the TV tonight that the folks at CTV have ditched what used to be called the Star! Schmooze and have totally renamed it the eTalk Festival Party, held at the same Queen Street building they've always held the Schmooze at.

And it is a total regime change over there compared to who hosted the thing just a couple of years ago when I lived in Toronto. These days it's Ben Mulroney, Tanya Kim and the eTalk crew (this means you Lainey) -- replacing Terry David Mulligan, Larysa Harapyn and the rest of the cool people from the old CHUM-owned Citytv who used to host this thing.

CHUM, of course, was swallowed up by CTV a couple of years ago in that big takeover. Ben and Tanya came in to do this show a year ago, but this year the changeover is complete. It is now a total CTV-eTalk event. Everyone and everything associated with the old CHUM regime is now completely gone. Including the name of the freaking show!!

There's also fewer actors, actresses and directors, too. Seems to me they've turned this thing from something movie-oriented to something music-oriented, because P Diddy was there singing this year. DJ Samantha Ronson was there. Kreesha Turner was there on the red carpet with those two fashion dude guys. Leah Miller from MuchMusic was there. Chantal Kreviazuk was there.

Yes, plenty of music people, but few movie stars from what I can tell -- at least in the early portion of the show. Since when has the Film Festival been a freaking music festival?! They've turned the Star! Schmooze into freaking MTV!!!

Oh, and Richard Branson was there, too, but he's no movie star either. They had stars from the TV show Flashpoint. And Canada's Olympians!!! Well, it's official now: this is a total waste of my time, this show. Nothing about movies at all here, unlike past years.

Anyway it's just a sign of the times, I guess, with the changeover in ownership and personnel. Seems to me this is yet another event Ben Mulroney has taken over, along with Canadian Idol, the Oscars, and everything else. Aren't people sick and tired of him yet? I guess not, eh??


Anonymous said...

have Ben Mulroney or Tanya Kim watched any movies that are in the TIFF festival ?

so they aren't actually qualified to report on any movies since they haven't seen them.

people reviewing movies and doing it on youtube are more qualified.

Terry David Mulligan seems to be off tv ...which is too bad.

Anonymous said...

ctv replayed that TIFF special like 8 times already.

i'm pretty sure all this hype was done for the sponsors but nof for fans of movies.

hundreds of movies star / ctv aren't covering cause it doesn't have a huge star attached.