Friday, August 29, 2008


There are two schools of thought out there about John McCain's selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate today in Dayton, Ohio.

One is that by appointing a reform-minded female to the ticket, McCain has made a bold move worthy of an independent thinking, maverick politician.

The other school of thought has it that by appointing an inexperienced first term governor nobody has ever heard of to the ticket, McCain has made a reckless move worthy of an absolute lunatic. Take your pick.

In fact, Palin is governor of a state located north of most of Canada! Think about it. She truly is from the boondocks. Which can be construed as either a positive or negative, I guess.

As for what the headlines are reading: the two most common ones I see on this choice consist of (a) Who is Sarah Palin? and (b) McCain chooses beauty queen for VP. (She was runner-up for Miss Alaska.)

Well, it's good to know the next Vice-President of the United States could be a BABE. That's all for now.

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