Saturday, August 16, 2008


In a sure sign that the folks who run your favorite television networks are truly out of ideas, the latest trend in TV development concerns the revival of Seventies cop shows. That's right, these series are being revived for a new generation.

CBS is looking to bring back that old Karl Malden-Michael Duuglas crime series The Streets of San Francisco and are planning a re-boot of Hawaii Five-O! Complete with theme music. Also, NBC is bringing back the old David Hasselhoff series Knight Rider. Without the Hoff, of course.

To which I go: what are they going to bring back next?! Gilligan's Island?! Really, it was bad enough when you had all these old TV series reviving themselves by appearing on the big screen in the movies. But this is too ridiculous. Bringing back old shows and old concepts and transplanting them in the 21st century for a new generation seems quite desperate.

But on the flip side - it does harken back to a period of time when network television was actually good! There's a big nostalgia factor involved with these Seventies shows. People watched these shows and loved them! But what is there to love about network TV these days? The only real groundbreaking shows out there these days are shows on cable networks such as HBO, Showtime, USA, TNT, you name it. Right now the show that is the biggest hit with critics is Mad Men, and it's on a freaking movie channel, AMC!!!

Fat chance you will see any good original shows on network television anymore. Instead, they have to dip into the vaults. Mind you, these efforts beat reality TV by a mile. You have to admit that.

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