Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, this was the first night of the big "NFL in Toronto" series involving the Buffalo Bills. Apparently 48,000 fans forked over a king's ransom to watch Buffalo play Pittsburgh tonight in a totally meaningless exhibition game. So meaningless, in fact, that I forgot it was even on!! I was too busy writing my usual column for Film School Rejects, so I didn't even watch!!!

There are still plenty of people out there worried that these Bills games in TO will hurt the Canadian Football League. In fact there were people picketing the game, protesting what the bad old NFL might do to our own league here.

Let me tell you, though: if the Bills keep on charging over a hundred bucks a ticket for these Toronto games, the CFL will have nothing to worry about. People are saying the attendance at Rogers Centre was disappointing at 48,000 people, well short of a sellout. Well, no wonder it didn't sell out! These prices they were asking for, ranging from $75 to $575, were RIDICULOUS.

When you think of it, though, these folks did pretty good. 48,000 people showing up for a meaningless preseason game? Involving the stinking Bills? At the cost of an arm and a leg? When you think of it, that's pretty good attendance. And a pretty big waste of money by every single idiot who forked over the dollars to go to the game. Heck, why don't these folks simply drive to Buffalo and watch games there? Even if you factor in the price of gas on a round trip, it's cheaper!! It's even cheaper to buy a television set and watch the Bills on TV!!

It's even cheaper to go watch the Argos! Or the Blue Jays!!! I just don't get it. These folks in Toronto don't seem to care about blowing lots of money on watching entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

48,000 was total b.s. they were giving away tickets left and right and these are counted in the total. the actual number would be more like 30,000. what a joke.