Monday, August 18, 2008


I don't have much to say, today, really. I had a non-stop day covering political happenings, mostly provincial politics.

I interviewed the newly-elected leader of the Liberals in Saskatchewan Ryan Bater, and the not-so-new leader of the NDP in Saskatchewan Lorne Calvert. And on the weekend I interviewed former lieutenant-governor Lynda Haverstock. None of which means too much, I am sure, to people living outside Saskatchewan. Oh, and I am just back from a city council meeting, which I am sure none of you care about.

Anyway, all this reporting is good, because then I don't feel left out of all the political happenings that are going on right now in the world, especially in the United States. These are fun times for political watchers. Seems Barack Obama is set to choose a running mate pretty soon. I have a feeling it might be Evan Bayh, but it could be someone else.

And in further political news, the Democratic convention is next week in Denver, followed by the Republicans in St. Paul the week after. Keep it right here for all the latest political coverage here at the CAIRNS BLOG as I plan wall-to-wall blogging of the conventions in between city council meetings and automobile repairs. (Yes, my car is on the fritz again.) I also found cool American political stuff on YouTube recently, so watch out for that.

In totally unrelated news, Tropic Thunder won the weekend box office and The Dark Knight has passed Star Wars for the second-highest gross of all time, behind Titanic.

Michael Phelps won his record eight gold medals on the weekend.

The hurricane has not yet hit in Florida.

And the Russians haven't withdrawn their troops from Georgia yet.

That's it for now, I'm just beat.

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