Friday, August 08, 2008


Read an interesting article in the Hollywood Reporter wondering: Is Hollywood overestimating the clout of the geek?This is all in response to the recent spate of big-budget movies this summer featuring superheroes from the world of comic books, like The Dark Knight ($400 million and counting), and Iron Man (over $300million). And they're huge hits, so that's why they keep on making them!!

That seems to be all we are getting as far as big budget movies are concerned. They are either based on superheroes or popular sci-fi franchises, like Star Wars! Or Star Trek!!

And we are seeing the Hollywood studios swarm places like San Diego, home of the recent International Comic-Con which is now over, and hawk their latest movies there. Personally, I would like to see some more movies that go beyond the kind of stuff we are getting now, stuff aimed at fanboys and other geeks. And I truly believe that the geek crowd is but a small segment of the audience and they don't have as much clout as many of them think they have. The geeks couldn't make Snakes on a Plane a hit, or Grindhouse for that matter.

And a lot of these "geek" fans will go nuts making snap judgements over whether an upcoming movie will be any good or not before the thing is even shot! Then the movie will come out, it will turn out to be pretty good, and the geeks will look like a bunch of fools!

Anyway, I do think that the geeks don't have quite the power people think they have, but that doesn't matter to the folks in charge in Hollywood. All that matters is that executives THINK the geeks have clout. As long as the people in charge think that geeks matter, that's what will get made: movies aimed at fanboys and other obsessives.

The people in Hollywood are bent on one thing: making money. As long as that's all they care about, they'll keep on churning out superhero movies for the geeks to watch.

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