Sunday, August 24, 2008


Welcome to THE CAIRNS BLOG coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention!!! Live from my computer, thousands of miles away, plopped in front of a TV.

As you all know, I've done a lot of convention coverage over the years here at this blog, whether it be of the 2004 conventions or that Canadian Liberal effort back in 2006. You can expect more of the same junk.

As I normally do at convention time I am going to post links to all the usual places that have coverage. Of course, the folks at National Journal, The Hotline and Roll Call have opened up their subscription websites for free during the conventions so that you can get all their top insider political coverage of the conventions.

Also you can check out convention coverage at the following TV websites:
Fox News
CBS News
ABC News

For blogs you can go to and also And I am sure there are plenty of other bloggers. There's a story in the New York Times saying the "year of the political blogger has arrived." I thought 2004 was the year the political blogger had arrived. How quickly they forget over there at the Times.

For my part I expect to give a wrapup of the first day's events late on Monday, whenever I get a chance to get to a computer. I expect it will be quite difficult Monday because I have other news reporting commitments to tend to (I need to eat, after all). The rest of the week should be clear, though. So be ready for more of my usual irreverent (and irrelevant) rants about the convention happenings right here.

Keep it right here for more links and more breaking news about the political happenings down in Denver.

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