Monday, August 25, 2008


Welcome back to my unexciting live coverage of the Democratic Convention. A couple more links to pass along: one is to and the other is to that bastion of liberalism, Also, Fox News has some great live video coverage you can find here. Right now I notice they have Greta Van Susteren yakking. Good stuff.

Anyway, the Democratic National Convention is finally on, I watched Howard Dean bang the gavel earlier today, and then a bunch of people from the rules committee and the credentials committee were up at the podium.

The highlight of tonight at the convention is Ted Kennedy's appearance at the convention, a Lou Gehrig moment if there ever was one. As everyone knows, Ted is fighting a brave battle against brain cancer and has apparently defied doctors' advice to show up at the convention in Denver. Well, that should be quite a YouTube moment. Too bad, I won't be able to see it, as I'll be away covering the news. But that ought to be a very big moment.

Also, there are some behind-the-scenes machinations going on today about the presidential roll call. As you know Hillary Clinton still has a chunk of delegates and they want some show of unity on the floor, so the plan is apparently to have a couple of states give their roll call votes before yielding to some state like New York, which will then throw its votes to Obama and call for him to be the winner by acclamation. You know, this is proving to be a big story in Denver. The fact is, that hall is full of disappointed Clinton delegates, people who hated Obama.

I think it's a lot easier to do things the Canadian way: decide things on the convention floor and let it all hang out. The problem is that the Obama people are trying to run a "Kumbaya"-type convention and get all the fighting out of the way behind closed doors, and that's pretty hard to do. No doubt the folks over at Fox News will have their floor reporters looking for disgusted Clinton people looking to complain on national television. ( And on streaming video on the Internet, for that matter.)

This is also a big night for Michelle Obama who appears to give a speech. Now I have to say, this is all a bunch of nonsense. Here in frozen Canada, they never let the wives speak at conventions. Why should they, anyway? They're spouses, they've got nothing to say!! At Canadian conventions they have one night devoted to the old leader who's quitting, and then a second night when the candidates all give their speeches, and on the third day they elect someone! Nothing in there about wives speaking.

All they are doing here is trying to get ratings and justify network TV coverage, and they figure that having Mrs. Obama speak will get people interested in the convention. Problem is she probably won't give a good political speech. And that's what conventions are meant for: great political speeches.

Who knows. Maybe Michelle Obama's speech will be good.


You know, the Internet really is the place to go if you want to actually watch coverage of this convention. In addition to the multiple live streams over at Fox News, the folks at ABC News Now have a live stream going. CNN has their live streams going, too; same for C-SPAN, MSNBC, CBS News and everywhere else. You are also getting good coverage from cable TV, although the folks over at CNN talk way too much.

But conventional TV? Forget it. Right now on TV, CBS is serving up a rerun of How I Met Your Mother, ABC is serving up High School Musical, and NBC is showing a repeat of Deal or No Deal. And FOX is showing Prison Break. I guess the networks figure most people are dumbbells who would rather watch reruns than be enlightened by the political process. Then again, nothing important happens at these conventions anymore, anyway.

ABC, CBS and NBC do, however, plan to somehow squeeze in an hour later tonight. In the meantime, you must make do with live streams such as the one below from MSNBC.

That's all for now.

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