Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Welcome to a special convention edition of News from Nowhere. I am just finished listening to Dennis Kucinich rant and rave on the stage with a fiery "wake up, America" speech, and all I gotta say is there's a reason why Dennis Kucinich was turned loose on the dinnertime audiences instead of prime time. The guy was just too nuts, ranting and raving up there. I mean really, Kucinich really needs to drink less coffee.

Other news happenings on this day two of the convention: there was a plot on Barack Obama's life! That's right, the nutcases are out in force in Denver and four arrests have been made. Well, I hope this snuffs out this awful plot against Obama. The one thing that can ruin good convention programming on TV and the Internet is an assassination.

Here's a wrap on Ted Kennedy's heroic "dream lives on" speech from last night.

Tonight, the big speech is from Hillary Clinton who gets to rant about how united the party is and how great a guy Barack Obama is. Straight from the heart kind of stuff -- uh, right.

Her die-hard supporters have been a big help for party unity.

Noticed there is slightly more TV coverage this year than last; the networks are up to four hours a week from three hours four years ago. I guess they figured this was a captivating race, so they added more time. More likely, though, they realize they have no original programming to put on a Tuesday night at 10PM, 9 Central.

Still, these networks plan to miss out on the first two hours of the prime time convention program. Instead, NBC will show America's Got Talent, CBS will show NCIS and Big Brother 10, FOX will show House, and ABC will show Wipeout and Wanna Bet. Real crap -- except maybe for House, but even those are reruns.

People who are fed up with the network selections can always turn to Comedy Central. Oh, by the way Jon Stewart, shut up.

Back for more later.

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